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Iran is the world’s biggest dried fruit exporter, a position it has maintained thanks to the premium quality of its crop. We put dried fruit exports at 2 million tons a year, citing dates after pistachio is another important export crop. Iran produces 2 million tons of the crop a year, of which 200,000 tons is exported. Overall, Iran produces 117 million tons of agricultural products a year, with horticultural crops accounting for 30 million tons of the figure.

Because of its unique ecology and rich soil, MGT is one of the largest dried fruit exporters in the Middle East, Supplying North Africa, Asia, and Europe where the diversity of climatic zones makes it possible to cultivate an assorted group of crops. Products which wildly export from Iran are: Pistachio, Date, Raisin, dried Figs, Almond, Walnut, Saffron and barberry.