Figs (known as ANJEER in Persian and Hindi languages) are a nutrient-dense fruit that can be yellow-green, copper or purple in color. You can peel them and eat them out of hand, use them to make jam or add them to ice cream or baked goods. The main three producers of figs in the world are Iran, Turkey, and USA. Our dried figs are from various cities in Iran, the best place for planting figs in the World.

Where to buy Dried Figs

Here at MGT, we do our best to export such important dried fruit around the globe. Any time you think about buying anjeer, we are here to supply you according to your local market.

Types of Products

Open mouth figs in contrast to Closed mouth figs have a wide opening at the end of them and because of this feature, they are called Open mouth, a term that might not be meaningful to English speakers and may cause a weird reaction upon hearing it. Due to its ubiquitous use in Iranian markets and websites, we also refer to this type of product, open mouth to avoid any discrepancy in our markets.

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The reason for naming this type of dried fig, closed mouth is its shape; It has a little or no opening at the end of it. Of course this kind of naming might not be meaningful to English speakers but it is widely used in Iranian websites and we could not avoid using it here since this name has become a standard in our markets.

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This product is made by pressing wetted figs by machine and is available in 200gr, 250gr, 400 gr packs. The color of figs is white grade A and darker for grade B. This moisture fig, obtained from good quality figs, washed and vacuumed properly to be kept for longer time. The size for pressed dried figs would be 15-18 mm per fig.

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